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Tailored Safety

Small classes and vigilant supervision for unrivaled peace of mind.

Personalized Learning

Custom lessons for every skill level, including special needs.

Whole-child Approach

Fostering self-esteem and a love for swimming alongside skills.

Pool heated to 90 degrees

Allows everyone to be comfortable and ready to swim without hesitation.

Safe, enclosed area

Privacy guaranteed, with no public access to our swim space.

Travel lessons available

Experience tailored swim instruction without leaving your home.

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Safety First

Why Swim Lessons?

Learning to swim is an essential life skill that brings a wave of challenges, from initial fears and safety concerns to finding the proper instruction that meets each child’s unique needs.

I understand that the journey to becoming confident in the water is much more than just learning strokes. I’m personally invested and dedicated to fostering self-esteem, independence, and a lifelong love for swimming.

Our Process

From beginner to shark

Welcome to Set2Swim’s transformative swimming journey, where we guide swimmers of all levels through a meticulously structured process. The packages are designed to evolve every swimmer’s skills from foundational techniques to advanced aquatic mastery, ensuring a safe, confident, and fun progression in the water.

Accelerated Stage

Start strong with the Accelerated Stage, designed for beginners to quickly gain confidence and familiarity in the water. Choose between a 2-week program with lessons 5 times a week or a 3-week program with lessons 3 times a week, plus an additional lesson.
This stage is tailored to each student’s current skills and confidence levels. Through personalized training plans, we ensure the learning experience is both fun and foundational, setting the stage for more advanced skills.

Development Stage

After mastering the basics, move into the Development Stage, where students attend twice a week for another set of 10 sessions. This stage focuses on expanding the fundamental skills acquired earlier, with a strong emphasis on reinforcing safety practices. The lessons are crafted to build greater confidence and to deepen the understanding of essential swimming techniques.

Enhancement Stage

The optional yet highly recommended Enhancement Stage offers a flexible schedule of 10 additional sessions to maintain and improve the swimming skills over time. This stage allows for ongoing practice and skill reinforcement, at a pace suited to individual needs, continuing to foster a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

This structured approach ensures each swimmer progresses confidently through different levels of expertise, with tailored support and a focus on long-term enjoyment and safety in the water.
Our Pricing

Get Started

For new students, Set2Swim offers flexible options to suit your needs and comfort level. You can choose to split your sessions into two base packages, or opt for the convenience of our Super Bundle, which includes all classes for both the Accelerated and Development Stages. This allows you to tailor your learning journey to your personal preferences and goals.

Base Package

5X week for 2 weeks
$ 350 10 Lessons
  • $35 per lesson

Super Bundle

Save the most
$ 650 For 20 Lessons
  • $32.5 per lesson
Al a Carte

Buy a single lesson for $40


Real Stories from Real People

A Little About Me...

Former Educator with a love of swimming

I’m Jennifer Chavez, the owner and lead instructor at Set2Swim. My approach to teaching is deeply rooted in my extensive knowledge of child development. I emphasize a personalized experience for each learner, combining the mastery of swimming with compassion and courage. My students doesn’t just learn a crucial life skill but also embark on a journey of personal growth.

Outside the pool, I’m a devoted mom who loves swimming, hiking, traveling, and spending quality time with my family. My passion for water began when I was a child. My vision for Set2Swim stems from a desire to share the exhilaration of water with others, fostering an environment where safety and fun go hand in hand.


Yes, I tailor swim lessons to each swimmer’s abilities, beginning with an assessment during the Accelerated Stage. I continuously adjust the lessons based on each student’s progress to ensure optimal development.

Yes, most of the lessons are conducted in small, private settings, ensuring a secure and focused learning environment. Families can include multiple members in a single session without concerns of overcrowding, ensuring personalized attention throughout the lesson.

Yes! Set2Swim takes swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Yes, with my background in child development, I can work with children regardless of ability. During our intake conversation, we can discuss anything specific to your child so I can provide the best and safest swimming experience possible. 

I understand that water can be intimidating, particularly if there has been a negative past experience. Leveraging my background in child development and personalized approach, I ensure that I am always close to the swimmer. We will progress at a pace that builds confidence and equips every swimmer with the necessary safety skills to become proficient and comfortable in the water.

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